Will Bailey (The Author)

Willie Bailey made his author debut with the publication of his first novella, Generation Superstar, in 2013. He released his second publication, Marbles, in 2015.

Willie Bailey was born in January 1984. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Grambling State University.

He loves life, writing and God.












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After Alford’s mother died and his father rejected him, his great great-aunt rescued him from an orphanage, thanks to a dedicated social worker. Now, Alford has a safe house to live in and he is the smartest person in the fourth grade. His great great-aunt has provided Alford with everything that her age would allow, but with no other living relatives, he must discover a way to teach himself one of the most important things…

Discover Alford’s clever auto didactic approach that will make you laugh and cry.





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Donnavan “Kilo” Davis is a teen from the South Side. Kilo, who has the ability to play in the NBA, is caught up in a thug lifestyle, which prevents college coaches from recruiting him. For a moment it seems hopeless for Kilo until he robs a corner store and realizes that his coach is a hostage. What will happen to Kilo’s basketball career next?