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Meet Musical Artist – TOMOKO

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When looking for an artist who is unique and innovative, having talent, good music and a pretty face as a whole package is no longer enough to stand out in the crowds, in our super advanced information-based music era.  And it’s exciting when we find a rare gem like TOMOKO.   Her music is refreshing and revitalizing.  In such an eclectic and exquisite way, she makes it possible for you to feel both spirituality and sensuality that span from two different elements, creating a true art of “East Meets West”.

Web surfers may have first noticed her stunning, exotic look which is said to be a curse and a blessing to TOMOKO.  Behind the scenes working with men especially, and with many silent Asian women admirers (“I am a secret one myself” LOL).  But it’s when you realize so many layers of colors and depths in her musical world that pulls you in and compels you to stay engaged.  “I am Leo, born in the year of Tiger, and originally from Osaka, the Mecca of comedy, commerce and gangsters, so I am a triple threat!”, says, TOMOKO.  Her faith gave her perseverance to get her through a decade of struggles in New York City as an Indie Artist, starting from scratch and eventually achieving the release of her first full-length smash album in the United States… ‘GEISHA GIRL’.  The captivation of hearts was instant and the brightness of her musical career was set.  Seeing is believing with your own eyes and ears:


Q: What are the biggest differences working in America and Japan?

A: Many things are 180 degrees different.  But most of all, Japanese see the beauty in silence, obedience and humility, even in the show business world.  I am a little too original and expressive to them, but that’s what I need to nurture most as an artist here in America and I can stay true to who I am.

Q: You performed quite a lot in New York City, where if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.  How tough has it been?

A: You mean being an attractive Asian Female Indie Artist? LOL  It’s never been easy for sure.  I’ve seen it all and heard it all.  Dealing with the stuff behind closed doors when I got close too it.  But now I know God has protected me all this time!  As not to sell my soul and I’m so grateful.

Q: What brought you to the West Coast?

A: I miss the people who are real in NY, but the winter was so hard and I had to come for the tropical weather.  Things and times are totally different now.  My focus is viral promotion of this album and recording of a sophomore.  I can do my work from anywhere!  All I need is a computer!  I can tour all over the world from anywhere.  I am just following God’s guidance and staying flexible to the flow of life. As Bruce Lee quoted; “Be water, my friend!”

Q: What is your motivation of writing songs?

A: Discovering the silver lining in every cloud, that’s my strength.  What matters in my spirituality. People in the world need positive messages, music that is uplifting and healing.  Stevie Wonder is my inspiration.  The greatest example for me as a singer, songwriter and musician with a message from above.  That’s why I’m all about sending messages of love.  Beautiful melodies and lyrics are important to me.

Q: What can we expect to hear from you in the future?

A: If you like my current album or any songs off the album, please sign up for my newsletter on the top right on my website home page right now!  I’ve got great things in store for you, but you must keep in touch with me!  Thank you so much for your love and support!


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