Tim Ford (Avakian – Photography for Women)

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Tim Ford – (AVAKIAN)

Photography For Women

For this photographer, he prides himself in creating beautiful imagery for women who crave the classy and sophistication of alluring imagery.

Avakian, South Carolina native who’s been doing photography professionally since late 2012. His clients select AVAKIAN when they desire to leave a strong impression; each frame is filled with layers of romanticism and drama that reads like a romantic novel. His work can be seen gracing magazines and advertising campaigns throughout the United States.

Q. What is your approach to alluring imagery?
A. I never shoot on my first instinct. The second look is more than just a beautiful client and her sexy outfit. It’s about capturing a cinematic delivery to convey her story of elegance, individuality and personal style. My client’s beauty consist of alluring elegance and sensuality. I think that when a woman is in harmony with herself & remains true to her values, she will glow naturally. Femininity doesn’t depend on what you wear or how you look. It’s an attitude!

Q. Whose work inspired or influenced you as you built your career and following?
A. Before picking up a camera. I use to look at the work of photographer Russell James who is the Chief photographer for Victoria Secret’s. As for other photographers who I feel like have had a major influence on my style; it would have to be two, Craig Lamere and Lou Freeman.

Q. What are the must –haves for creating The Wow Factor in your images?
A. First, A great makeup and hair team; the second would be a wardrobe that makes a statement and finally the pose. The pose must be mystique and mysterious, alluring the viewer to want more.

Q. What type of equipment are you using?
A. I’m definitely a Team Nikon guy. The star of my team is the Nikon D4’s! For my type of delivery I use two lenses; Nikor 85m and the 24-105. As for lighting equipment I rely on Paul C. Buff – Einsteins.

Q. One hundred years from now, when people look at your photography, what do you think they’ll say about it?
A. Hopefully they’ll consider the body of work as timeless and still relevant in terms of being inspirational.

Q. Can you provide us with insight into your target market and value proposition?
A. Yes, the majority of my clients are middle class women and models. I capitalize on value proposition by working on advertising campaigns with some of the most beautiful, charming and reputable women.

Tim Ford (Avakian)

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Tim Ford (Avakian)

Phone: 1(888)628-3391




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