South African Menswear Week

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South African Menswear Week


True fashion is not contained, relegated or sourced from any one geographical area! It can be found wherever this is an inventive, creative mind that is unafraid to reveal it to the world.

Here in the US we are used to fashion coming from Europe and NYC but there are many different and viable fashion locations throughout the world, each of which, have their own perspectives on the world of fashion!

This article focuses on South African fashion, specifically the South African Menswear Week (SAMW) AW16 which was held in January 2016 in Cape Town, South Africa. It is Africa’s only stand-alone platform focusing on menswear and the promotion of the same. The event features a series of shows over four days and enables designers to grow their business. Venues seat about 300 people with a simple production so that the highlight is solely on the fashion! Here’s a quote from fashion expert:

“South African Menswear Week is the continent’s most credible fashion week platform, and combined with the goals of the promotion of South African designers, both locally and abroad, is ushering in the next wave of truly mega labels. People are already asking for, and buying, young designers such as Lukhanyo Mdingi, showing the new “pull model” implemented by SAMW leaves other platforms in the stone ages.” – WWD

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Martin Kandinda



As with all fashion, the proof is in the clothing! With that in mind enjoy some of our favorites from the January shows from some of the wonderful designers.

All Photos provided by photographer: Simon Deiner/SDR Photo


AM Fashion Director – Ray Vincente

on IG – rbrown006us

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