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Natalie DiDonato… Actress, Model & Entrepreneur

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Natalie DiDonato: Born July, 12th 1980, in South Philadelphia. Natalie is the oldest of three children in an extremely close family. As the big sister she learned the value of being a role model, leader and a friend. She was the first in her family to attend college in which she received a Bachelors degree from Temple University/Real Estate Institute-Temple University. DiDonato, is currently working at a real estate agency/brokerage firm called The Condo Shop.

With a focus on high-end clientele, she assists with property placement, serves as a listing and marketing agent, manages DJ’s and is working on her own clothing line. DiDonato established a strong worth ethic at a young age, where she managed up to three jobs at once, so this is no surprise. Natalie’s work history includes public accounting, boxing, since she was eight years old and public speaking.

As an entrepreneur, community leader and philanthropist, DiDonato plays a leading role in various charities/events, while expanding her own charity named, “Nat D Gives Back”. (focuses on woman against abuse and toy for tots) Natalie is currently working with Mercedes Benz to raise money and awareness for cervical cancer, in which all proceeds from that campaign will go to local woman from Natalie’s hometown, in South Philadelphia.

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TV Personality: Natalie DiDonato was offered and accepted a contract for Season 5, VH1 Mobwives. DiDonato’s has been making appearances on local, national and international media outlets as well as, public appearances at celebrity/public functions.

Hustle Girls

Hustle Girls


Currently Nat D is working with Jeffrey Watts of Farrari Red who’s sparked a new fire in Natalie’s film career. Here are a few upcoming projects she’s been cast for; Season 2 of the dramatic series The Book Of Nimrod, (An addict mom sells her daughter to a drug kingpin who turns her to a female assassin). She can also be seen in a new film being released called Fatally Flawless, where she plays a Mobb Bosse’s Daughter. Her other film works include What Women Want Chronicles (Similar to Sex In The City) & Mah Jong ( Harlem Gangsters team up with Asian gangsters to take over the Chinese underworld). She’s gracing covers of multiplies magazines and also the New Face of Bare Feet Shoes. Nat D’s being booked to host parties around the country and also in the studio working on a debut album. Stay tuned because you’ll be seeing much more to come.


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