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Naomi Serrano

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                  A little about myself…

I started dance classes at the age of nine. I did that for about ten years dancing in front of people and being taped is what got me comfortable with being in front of the camera. I remember once for my birthday I had asked my adopted mom if I could do a glamour shoot for my thirteenth  birthday. They were so impressed that the agency called and asked if I was willing to model for there company. I knew even back then that I wanted to model. Life took me in a different path though so it was a few years later that I picked up modeling again. I have always enjoyed modeling and I tell myself the minute I stop enjoying what I do is when I will stop modeling.


I knew even as a kid would never be able to do run way with my height of 4’10. Run way wasn’t in my future. I had people tell me that I would never amount to much in this business because I was so short and because I started modeling at an older age. But that only added fuel to my fire, telling a leo you CAN’T is not something anyone should do. I have been able to work with photographers that have given me the chance to be in a few magazines which I’m grateful for. FXM, Spydero, Biker babes, just to name a few,  My family is extremely supportive which is great because I couldn’t do it if they weren’t so supportive. I always say to myself when I see a new photo of me from one of the photographers, “Not bad for 36 years old and two kids”. I”m thankful that I get to share a little about myself with the help of Artmuzo magazine.

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Na S2


Na S4


Photog Credits: Tim Ford, Michael Hanna, Kendall Carr, Jay Hooker & Kent Vine








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