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Model – Sharon Hines

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Sharon A. Hines
Born: January 22, 1964
From: North Carolina
Raised in: Washington DC

I started to model at the age of 19 at Barbarzon modeling school in Washington DC. I then moved to Baltimore, MD where I now reside and I’ve been a model for Mr Travis Winkler from 1998-2000. I’ve also been doing freelance modeling and now perform, act, do print modeling and runway. I am a cancer survivor for 21 years of throat cancer and thank God everyday for what he has done for me. I now like to inspire young women to go after their dreams no matter how old you are because the sky is the limit to life! Follow your heart to what ever you desire to do and keep your head up! Never Look back on the negative things and always keep looking forward. Don’t focus on the positive things in your life. This is my inspiration!

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Contact Info:

Facebook: SharonIModelHines

IG: Dredri3


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