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Male Model – Conrad Roberts

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Conrad Roberts, born Conrad Piert Roberts, on August 1, 1983, is the youngest of 9 children.  Born and raised in Richmond, California he always felt as though his purpose was to be different and to stand out.  At the age of 9, his father passed away which forced him to become a man at a very young age.  His mother being a single parent and mother has provided a great life for him and encourages him to stay positive, focused and to never give up on what he desires.

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During high school, Conrad became interested in the fashion and entertainment by taking radio, drama and art classes.  During his high school years he lost countless friends to violence.  It was during his high school years Conrad realized there was more to life than just Richmond, California.  He wanted to escape the act of violence and death and applied to Arizona State University where he graduated with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies focusing on Communication and Sociology in August of 2007.  After college, he returned to Richmond, California and began working for a non-profit organization working with children and families as a family advocate.

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He then became involved Muay Thai Kickboxing where he trained under Lynda Dek-Wat out of
Oakland California.  Naturally he advanced quite quickly and realized how the art of Muay Thai helped him with controlling his emotions, by being able to channel his energy in a more productive and suitable way.  During his training, he was approached by his cousin Marcus Quilter to be the face of his clothing line called Marc Avenue.  At this point in time, Conrad realized he wanted to pursue modeling as a career.  He began working with a photographer by the name of Curtis Jermany out of Oakland California who challenged and encouraged him to make everything count in front and behind the camera.  The summer of 2012, he realized relocating to New York City would give him more exposure and better opportunities.  He has worked with Rick Day, Raymond Vicente, Sylvio Rouberrto Kovacic and other great photographers and designers since living in New York.  Currently signed with MSA Models out of NYC, Conrad continues to live out his dream and is now pursuing the art of acting.


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