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Mini Model – Miss Niki Morales

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AM Introduces ūüôā

“Miss Niki Morales”

A mini model with lots of personality who loves to create new words to describe herself, others & situations. ¬†#Nanager, what is a nanager?¬† Niki’s play on words Nana & Manager.¬† That is who Yvette Gaboury is to her.¬† Backstage during her first runway show, all the mini models refered to their mom’s as “momagers”… ever so inquisitive Niki needed to know what was a momager.¬† After receiving the explanation from Yvette her “Nana” (Grandmother) she exclaimed, “Then that makes you my NANAGER!” Yvette‘s title was born!¬† Whenever she’s feeling Fabulous, she describes herself as being a “Fantabulista” another play on words utilizing the word Fabulous in both English & Spanish.


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Fashion Designer РMichelle Teague-Smith & Photographer РToni Shaw

for 6 Pictures Above.

Yvette Gaboury is not just Niki‘s “Nanager“, ¬†she is also the owner of Trending Talent Management where she manages several client as well as provides Social Media & Marketing Services to local small businesses.¬† She assist event organizers promote fashion events she supports and works closely with Design Students/Emerging Designers.¬† Yvette is extremely proud of Niki, encourages and supports her through her journey keeping a close watch on the opportunities offered and those that are accepted.¬† Niki is living her dream while Yvette is building her brand.
Niki is a very loving, humble and well grounded child who has a goal and is enjoying her journey.¬† This 7 year old¬†possess the ability to be very funny (for the most part, unintentional which actually makes her funnier!) Many say she’s like a mini Lucille Ball, as she’s physically comedic…again unintentionally, this adds to her charm and ability to attract people to her.¬† She’s not an attention seeker but can’t help to capture the attention of most in a room full of others, her personality shines thru and she quickly becomes the center of attention.

Niki was signed to a talent agency less than a year ago.¬† Since then she has done several print work, she is currently the “Goody Girl” for Goody Hair Accessories products.¬† She’s¬†been requested by casting directors to audition for lead roles in “featured films“.¬† Although no formal modeling or acting classes have ever been provided, this young lady somehow possesses the ability to do these things naturally.

In the summer 2015 issue of Saplings Magazine, Niki was featured in a 4 page editorial modeling the fashion designs of Nununu.  Proudly she has graced the runways of many beautiful and reputable runway shows.

Niki serves as¬†¬†“Brand Ambassador” for¬† A children’s fashion website developed by actress Christina Applegate known for (married with children) she is also a brand ambassador for GUILLA Apparel (Gifted Unique Individual Livin’ Life Accomplishing).

This little rising star has garnered the attention of many and TeamFabNiki was created.¬† This is a team of Cheerleaders who assist in promoting her and show her lots of love and support on social media amongst them Judy Torres, “Queen of Freestyle Music”, Authors, Actors, Film & Music Production Companies as well as Celebrity Blogger, Perez Hilton & Lili Estefan (niece of Gloria & Emilio Estefan) and top Latin celebrity in her own right of Univision show (el Gordo y la Flaca) ¬†basically a Latin version on Entertainment tonight.

Keep your eye on this little star as she continues to rise, follow her on Facebook & Instagram and enjoy her journey.




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