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“KSHOYA” the Jamaican Media Multi-Talent…

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It’s not that often that the entertainment industry is afforded with a quadruple-threat!  Breaking all boundaries is the stunningly beautiful KShoya, who has cemented herself in the Reggae music industry as business owner, multimedia personality, reality starlet and singer.  While the sometimes Red-hair bombshell skillfully holds down this myriad of roles with ease, it’s singing that is currently taking the forefront for KShoya. Genuinely boasting a love for music for the greater part of her life, it was inevitable that KShoya’s adventurous career path would once again head down musical lane. And in 2013 KShoya’s dreams are becoming reality, as the chanteuse’s song “No More Lonely Nights,” produced by Courtney Panton of the popular Reggae band New Kingston, released through Hapilos 21 Distribution.

On the riveting single “No More Lonely Nights,” KShoya offers listeners flawless soprano vocals over a sultry Lover’s Rock track.  Chock full of sincerity, mixed with sensuality, “No More Lonely Nights” will put any couple in the mood to rock relentlessly. “I am thrilled about the release of ‘No More Lonely Nights,’ as this song has been more than an year in the making,” says KShoya.  “It’s a blessing that fate has once again landed me on a musical mission….I have no doubt that this is my true calling.” Clearly, this is no surprise, as this starlet of Jamaican heritage, had divine musical influences from her legendary father Third World — who was credited as a prominent sound man (dj) and owner of 3rd World HiFi system in Brooklyn. Her Dad was hailed by many as one of Brooklyn’s early purveyors of the Jamaican-born sound system culture. While growing up, on any given night, famous artists dropped by her home to cut tunes with her father.  KShoya’s heritage, combined with consistent participation in dance classes, choirs, showcases and more, helped hone her talents early on.

Moving forward to the new millennium, KShoya found that the world was her oyster, taking full advantage of opportunities to produce and host video programs on local New York networks; launch and sustain KShoy Entertainment — a multimedia company focused on celebrity relations, TV production, media event coverage, management, and event planning among other efforts “sing and shine as a reality star!”  The ladder was a HIT, as KShoya was afforded the opportunity to star on the Jamaican-based reality TV show “Teacha’s Pet,” featuring none other than top Dancehall artist Vybz Kartel.  Filmed over a period of 2 months, KShoya’s visibility and popularity peaked because of the show. There were good and not so good outcomes due to Vybz Kartel’s subsequent murder charges. Taking the good with the bad, KShoya once again maximized this opportunity, securing press coverage and guest appearances.

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Determined to make an indelible mark in the Reggae music industry, KShoya is poised with her eyes set on the future. While success is a big part of her future goals, so is opening community centers in Jamaica. And she wouldn’t mind launching a high rated talk show in Jamaica. One think KShoya does know is that she creates music that is timeless. With more songs in the works, don’t be shocked if KShoya is positioned for a strong album. You haven’t seen the last of KShoya!

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