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Kee Vandaway (Photography name) AKA. Christopher Reid

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Born and raised in the city of Philadelphia under the name Christopher Reid. Christopher got the name Kee by his brothers and the last name Vandaway was invented on the basketball courts in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia. Kee was always into sports such as baseball, football and basketball. Photography wasn’t a thought in his mind until 2013. Photography began by taking on a photoshoot with his daughter Kiyani in a park setting. Thats when he realized, photography was a gift. Soon after, he was invited to the 2014 Superbowl Gifting Suite held in New York City and branched out.

Kee worked local events such as, the Blaq Party and many different block parties and sweet sixteens. As the craft started to get better, he then picked up other events such as ‘The Life Clothing Line Fashion Show’ held at Blink Optical on South St. in Philly. Taken a variety of pictures at the White Party held by Hardwork Entertainment. Once Kee got more into the art of the photography, he began to build up his equipment, such as lights, tripods, flashes and whatever else that would make the job better and gained even more business. As the year went by, he had worked over 50 events and weddings.

December 2014 is where his in depth photog career started by being introduced to Natalie Didonato from “VH1 Mob Wives”. Kee worked the photo shoot for Natalie Didonato “Celebrity Gala Toys for Tots” event held in Center City Philadelphia. After the event and the pictures were produced, he then partnered with Natalie, Dj Major and Dj Fr8train. Where they started a business called “Puro” LLC which means pure in Italian. Just Recently they had a Photo Mixer for Mercedes Benz of Cherry Hill, NJ. Now the Business focus is on charity events and they have taken on a variety of endeavors such as managing Djays, Photographers and photographing many different Models throughout the city. Kee, has gained work on other upcoming events such as Philadelphia Fashion Week and is Natalie Didonato’spersonal photographer and business partner.

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Past & Current Events:

2013 Blaq Experience
2014 Superbowl Gifting suite
2014 The Life fashion show
2014 Natalie Didonato celebrity gala
2015 Mercedes Benz Photo Mixer
2015 Philly Fashion Week
2015 Weddings scheduled

Contact Links:
IG: @keevandaway
twitter: @keevandaway

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