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Jose Pagan is a fine art and fashion photographer based in New York City. He is also board member of an 501c3 recognized arts charity called The X Collective based in the Bronx.  A product of the culturally rich Washington Heights area of Manhattan, he has used his creative mind to take the industry by storm with his eclectic art photography and fashion vision.  He has a talent that garners a great deal of attention in today’s high-end market.

Jose, attended State University at Brockport and City College; however, his drive for the surreal and mind bending brought him in another direction.  Jose is a creator by blood.  A normal 9 to 5 was not going to be enough to satiate the need to continue his journey.  At first Jose Pagan started with short films and submitted them to festivals.  However, he soon realized that he needed more control of his visions. Photography soon proved to be the nexus for his talents and The Blacklight Photo Experiment being the break out art project that put him on everyone’s radar.  A nude art project that combined nude art with the use of UV bulbs.  Bringing viewers a new and unique approach to the age old novelty.

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Many in the fashion industry have noticed Jose Pagan’s artistic eye.  Soon after his initial exposure with his art projects, Jose has been hired by businesses and organizations to translate their visions.  He has been hand picked as East coast lead photographer for Designer Original Magazine and Music Insider Magazine, shooting several covers and many high end editorials.  Jose has been published Elle Brazil, Heart & Soul magazine, shot the Denim August cover for Plus Model magazine and countless others. Jose also was tapped as Underwraps Agency’s lead photographer.  An organization billed as Americas’ first Modest and Muslim modeling agency.  He also undertook the assignment for Hunks4Hope a non-profit male eye-candy calendar for the benefit of domestic violence survivors.

Jose has paid another visit to his film making prowess by filming short fashion films for the likes of  designer Adrian Alicea and Amirah Creations.  By directing fashion films, Jose has once again has tapped into the deep chasm of mind in which unboxed ideas and concepts dwell.  A camera does not bind Jose Pagan’s talents; he is a free spirited creator that uses whatever medium at his fingertips to bring his vision to life.  To simply call him a photographer is an understatement, because there are few artists in the world that can build, design and execute bold and complex ideas on vast mediums.

Chakralicious, is one new example of a project that yet again taps into his connection with the Universe by painting his subjects with light. It is a spiritual journey that will surely connect with all of those who set their eyes upon this work. For Jose, art is a need that builds within his soul, and with this yearning, beautiful concoctions are disseminated throughout the world.

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