Jazz Up Your Shoes with Mila Shoe Accessories!

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by Iryna Mologoko

When you hear a phrase “Shoe Accessories”… What comes in mind?

Ankle adornments… shoe candy…?

Comfort and style, that’s what we love here at Mila Fashion, the leader of the fashion trend that promised both! New Mila shoe accessories are being hailed as the party season’s must-haves. And not only are they absolutely fabulous, but they hold comfortably your feet inside your shoes, and stop any rubbing or slipping as they have steps that go under your shoe. You love high heels? This is the solution to hold your feet in them security so you can walk with confidence.

Shoe accessory is nothing new, as back in the 1980’s, many ladies took vintage clip-on earrings and attached those to the back of their shoes, to create a whole new look. The problem with those accessories however, was that the clips on the earrings were uncomfortable against the heel. Miller accessories have the built-in leather or metallic strap that provides security and stops them from rubbing and slipping. There are many unique styles all available on our website so they work with any shoe color.

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At Mila Fashion, we give you dozens of ways to dress up your favorite pair of shoes, instantly adding all the classy dazzle necessary for you to be the belle of the ball.

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A single pair of heels can now be your practical pumps for the boardroom, your flirty footwear for downtown, and your soirée slippers for an elegant wedding.

Accessorize your shoes with MILA Shoe Accessories, a shoe jewelry collection with a twist, the perfect way to transform your shoes from day to-night.

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Imagine wanting to update your shoe game, but you are IN LOVE with your favorite pair of pumps and trying to save some money. They are the perfect support for your arches, fashion just the right amount or support, and on top of everything else, they make your legs look amazing!

How do you part with them? How do you fancy an update without losing the comfort and appeal, and tons of money buying unique designer shoes? You head on over to MILA Fashion!

You know all of those plain pairs of pumps and peep toes you have lying around? Well, here’s an easy way to give them a new lease of life. Try on a pair of MILA Fashion shoe accessories. We sell a range of ankle straps, foot straps, and even little leg “corset” accessories that you can attach to your existing shoes, giving them anything from a bit of extra embellishment to a completely new look.

Dress your shoes in a stylish swag! A hot and playful, must have for an instant shoe and style update. All exclusive, limited edition and hand-made here is Washington DC area.

Shoe for more at http://Mila.Fashion.


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Iryna Mologoko

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Owner and Designer at MILA Fashion

web: Mila.Fashion





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