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Grace Dawn Lim

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I couldn’t understand why all these things were happening. But one thing I did know was that I could only find my peace and joy in God alone. He is the one that has carried me through the days of hell and has always stayed by my side. I struggled with self esteem and self-love. It took me years to build myself up and realize that I was a human being (child of God) that was worth something great. I still questioned why he allowed all this pain in my life and in my heart but I realized all this pain and sadness implanted so many dreams inside of me. It also gave me the ability to comprehend others that experience pain as well and to sympathize with them. I dream to one day open an orphanage or foster home and be able to mend the broken hearts of the young ones that are filled with deep sorrow.

I have always dreamed of becoming an actress or model but then again, who hasn’t? I majored in psychology in college, hoping to work with emotionally disturbed and abused children but ended up working in the fashion industry. I hope to one day start my own clothing line. As I worked full time, I pursued small modeling gigs on the side. Eventually, I received great opportunities to model for great designers like Averill NYC and celebrity costume designer Natasha Berezhnaya. I was also able to be a runway model for Poyzen T.V’s fashion show, thanks to C.E.O of Poyzen TV, Sondra Anderson. Eventually, things have turned out well and I have been casted as one of the members of the new TV series Yellow Fever, which will air on Vimeo on Demand. I am living my dream right now and hope to one day become someone great like a Korean Oprah. LoL.

One thing I realized was that I felt modeling would make me feel more beautiful but it doesn’t. It is the beauty that I had to seek within and from God. And to love myself to be able to feel truly beautiful. I hope that everyone will learn to use the pain in their lives to obtain more perseverance, faith, love and hope in their lives instead of anger, sorrow and more pain. Because anything is possible with faith in God and hard work. Life is so precious. Everyone deserves love and happiness.

One of my favorite bible verses:  So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
Isaiah 41:10.



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