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3 pi (600x450)

Fashion Designer & Owner of 3pi Positive Collections

Ivana Velickovic was born on October 2, 1992 in Skopje.  I completed High School – Josip Broz Tito (2008-2011) – International Graduation. On the subject of Visual Arts (Visual Art) stop exhibition titled “Stop Prejudice” (Prejudice). During my education and  meeting many friends I received the nickname (3 pi) which today lies in its brand name 3pi Positive.

After graduating used my creativity and desire from my youth to be a fashion designer.  Stop independently show titled “Clothes as Medium” 2011 I was inspired by the many colors of the spectrum. I manually decorated clothing pieces, where I presented my vision. The collection consisting of 27 creations, used clothes from my closet, scarves and tailored some trendy creations.

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Desiring to perfect this knowledge and complete a course for fashion design at university EuroBalkan 2012. Motivated by new experience began implementation of its first collection “unique style” (Unique Style). Its a target group of the collection that is designed for girls who love sports and everyday style, seasoned with elegance and uniqueness. The collection consists of Unique kombilizoni and dresses made of cotton knitwear including applications-geometric shapes (various forms on the materials) associated with the old pattern – embroidery. Collections adorned with accessories: Unique gloves in the same style, decorated with embroidery, ornaments on feet as decoration and earrings that are handmade.

Guided by “Fashion is everywhere, you just have to see it.” Fashion is in the sky, in the street has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening around us.  The collection divided into two parts. The first part consists of 20 kombilizoni where I chose strong and dominant color combinations, but everywhere present is black that gives strength and elegance of the models themselves. The second part consists of 8 dresses with their dominant colors complete strength, vitality and unique collections.

After designing and crafting the unique style, I decided to create fashion pieces designed for young girls. I created vintage styles inspired by the past, reminiscent of the retro style intertwined with a modern and contemporary spirit. While creating a collection consisting of 23 pieces, with the silhouette of the woman in mind I wanted to emphasize sex appeal of women. Modern and cocktail dresses and skirts despite being too short and revealing legs, but not vulgar but that will feel more comfortable.

Since everyone has a different idea of their style of tops, bare shoulders, in short and long sleeves. Motivated by fashion over the years I combined them with Carnero tops. The collection used simple colors, white and black as a basic cream and dark blue, and orange collar placed as refreshments between the different creations.

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Also I’ve made a variety of Handmade of Dream Catchers with natural feathers, knitted flower, wooden beads, etc.  I also create earrings, necklaces and hair accessories – dream catchers!

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