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TERRY TOCCI – Designer, Terry Tocci Designs

Originally from Brockton, Massachusetts, my fellow Brocktonian’s and I call it the “City of Champions” known for legendary boxers such as Rocky Marciano and Marvelous Marvin Hagler.

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I probably say around 6 or 7, I remember asking my mother for Barbie clothes for my dolls and it was right then and there when my mother laughed and said… “Honey, you better get creative with what you have around you, I’m sure you can find something” I remember thinking about how I could create with raw materials right in front of me. I’m sure my mother would be laughing and telling you if she was here “that girl recycled any sock that didn’t get matched up after folding laundry, she would sew gowns for her dolls and then put on a fashion show for all us to watch” I have to honestly say, because of those moments it helped mold who I am today.

I got my first machine around 13 dresses and started recycling anything I could get a hold of. All thru high school and college, I would make clothes and sport them to school, even made my own semi-formal dress. I think mom was happy I was saving her some coins. Sewing has always been a passion and “must do” if I go without sewing or creating for too long, I get depressed and frustrated. It’s “Tocci Therapy” as I call it. Better yet, there’s nothing like watching “Project Runway” and seeing them freaking out over raw materials, when all I want to do is jump thru the screen and start creating!


My vision when I’m designing…

I truly believe that when you get dressed you are creating a dialog between you and your body. You’re telling a story about who you are and how you feel about yourself. So I believe your clothes should act as a second layer of skin, you should be comfortable, confident and empowered. It’s about accentuating what you want and hiding what you don’t want I would describe my clothes as a blend of as classy, edgy, timeless, and always keeping in mind fit and comfort. I want to design you something you put on today and be able to pull it out your closet 5 years from now and wear it and still get that good-o-feeling and compliments as if it’s brand new…timeless I believe I said earlier.

My clothing line is a mixture of classic proven styles and edgy contemporary designs.
I enjoy creating the right personal look for my clients – if you look fabulous …I look fabulous!

So no matter what your need is from the Perfect fitting Swimsuit for your upcoming trip  or maybe a Fabulous Dress for your next Black-Tie Event or how about just a gorgeous simple Sun Dress or a sexy jumper to wear to your next Day Party.

Please contact us for your intial fitting or questions about pricing.

“You live once . . . Make a Statement!!!” ~ Terry Tocci


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