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‘Dada 5000’ – MMA Fighter, Actor, Producer, Rapper

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From humble beginnings to mixed martial arts bout dominance, the 6’ 3” 275 pound Dhafir “DaDa 5000” Harris is emerging as an international star. DaDa was born on August 4, 1977 in Cat Island, Bahamas but quickly moved to Miami as a newborn to receive medical treatment for streptococcus meningitis. The intense medical treatment lasted for six months. According to DaDa’s mother, Eleanor Stewart (affectionately known as “Sista”), he amazingly grew in to three year-old toddler clothing during the treatment process. Doctors told her that he would be able to live a normal life. Based on his strength and the will to live he exuded, she knew it was a sign that he would be destined for greatness.

DaDa excelled academically at several elementary, middle and high schools in Miami. His scholastic accomplishments were often overshadowed by bad decisions and troubled actions but resulted in him receiving diplomas from Project L.E.A.P., Miami Palmetto Senior High School and Miami MacArthur South Senior High School. DaDa continued his education at Miami Dade College; where he earned an associate degree in education and a second associate degree in business administration. DaDa went on to Barry University and received a bachelor’s degree in education with a specialization in early childhood.


RollingStone – Features Dada 5000


Dhafir “DaDa 5000” Harris’ beginning as a public figure originated humbly in the underground world of backyard fighting. Dhafir took a leave of absence from his position as a correctional officer in 2005 to join his childhood friend, Kimbo Slice (street fighter turned MMA champion) to explore the  opportunities provided by the backyard fighting culture. As an undefeated backyard fighter and part-time body guard for Kimbo Slice, Dhafir decided that he was ready to move from the backyard to the pros.  In March 2010, Dhafir made his MMA pro debut as a member of the Action Fight League against Cedrick “Killer Gorilla” James, who he subsequently defeated within 2 minutes and 52 seconds of the first round. Dhafir’s fighting career was on the rise and in February 2011, he won his second fight in Miami, Florida as a member of the Mixed Fighting Alliance. Dhafir defeated Timothy Papp, Jr. within 52 seconds of the first round via knockout. Despite Dhafir’s success as a professional fighter, he felt something was missing.  Dhafir quickly realized that his talent didn’t rest in the strength of his fists, but it resided in the strength of his mind. Dhafir’s desire to help those in his community ‘fight their fight” out of poverty would soon become his driving force for every success that he would eventually acquire.

Dhafir would soon take his talents back to Perrine, Florida’s famous Greenhouse backyard, but this time not as a fighter but as a promoter and referee. Dhafir’s uncanny ability to draw a crowd and put on a spectacular show would prove fruitful for many of the fighters and local hip hop artists who also participat-ed in the backyard events. Dhafir quickly emerged as much more than just a promoter and referee, but as an all-around entertainer for the local masses. Dhafir’s events caught the eye of the local media and he soon found himself as a frequent feature story in local newspapers and magazines. Dhafir’s early accomplishments landed him on the pages of the Miami New Times, the South Florida Sun Sentinel, the Miami Herald, the Washington Post, Maxim and ESPN the Magazine. This local notoriety also caught the attention of nationally known documentary director, Billy Corben. Dhafir and Billy soon forged a professional friendship that would change both of their lives forever.

Dada 5000 – “I Died in Cage Saw Spirit Leave My Body at Bellator 149”

Dhafir’s success as a backyard entertainer and promoter of a new fight movement opened the door for many radio guest appearances. Dhafir has been a guest on Power 96, ESPN Radio, iHeart Radio, 99 Jamz, and Opie Radio just to name a few. Dhafir isn’t a stranger to the big screen either, with signature appear-ances in hip hop artist Akon’s music video “Hurt Somebody” and John Paul’s music video “Toe2Toe – Southpaw”. Dhafir also wrote, produced and released two hip hop singles, Put Them Thangs On ‘Em and Clownin’ In The VIP. He has also appeared in EA Sports Commercial Promo for “Tiger Woods the Rumble”.  Dhafir also appeared on National Geographic’s Taboo and ESPN’s E:60. Dhafir also appeared as the referee in the “Battleship I” live streaming event of the debut of his new fight league, BYB Extreme. However, his most esteemed accomplishment on the big screen to date, is his role as the star of Billy Corben’s world renowned Netflix documentary “Dawg Fight” which was released in March 2015. Dawg Fight earned the number one spot on Netflix within a month of its release. Dhafir’s perseverance and determination recently landed him a seven page spread in Rolling Stone documenting his personal success journey and the launching of his new fight league, BYB Extreme. Dhafir “DaDa 5000” Harris is a natural born entertainer who draws his viewer in and keeps them longing for the next big show.

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Feb. 19th 2016, Dada faught Kimbo Slice at Bellator 149 on Spike TV which drew 2.4 million viewers.

* He will now Co-Star in an upcoming Action, Mixed Martial Arts Film calledHouse Rules*

With a growing fan base, DaDa is bracing himself for worldwide impact and believes that “creative minds never take a day off.”

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