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Rhyan Atrice! If you don’t know the name maybe you have been fortunate enough to see this brother on the pages of magazine and many blogs and posts. He is an accomplished model with even more to show. Artmuzo got a chance to interview this international model with the great looks and the winning smile about his work in the industry and what he wants to accomplish in it. Take a look!

Also, please be sure to check him out as he shows you how a model moves in this video and also on his social media:



video by: Joachim Guanzon

AM  When did you first become interested in modeling?

Rhyan, Modeling wasn’t something that I was ever originally interested in. In fact when I was younger I was a very introverted geeky kid. I enjoyed animals, Greek mythology, and basically anything Science, I was all about. Physically, I was tall, lanky and unassured as an individual. I was first approached on a beach in Florida, by a person who claimed they could take me to NYC etc…Me and my mother when to NYC and the experience peaked my interest in the entertainment world.

AM  What made you want to pursue this as a career?

Rhyan, My NYC trip, watching shows on TV like: Top Model, Make Me a Supermodel, and of course my cousin and fashion photographer Drexina Nelson. My first shoot was with her I was very young at the time, and keep in mind I never thought that I could do this whole modeling thing but she took some photos of me… (remember that I am a geek, well I’m about to geek out…do you know the Greek story of Narcissus? Well that was me after my shoot with Drexina)…and I realized I wasn’t ugly and that I really could do the modeling thing.

AM  What is expected of models in today’s industry?

Rhyan, Wow, great question. I think there is a lot expected of models, from the: physical,

  • Physically models are expected to be perfect; symmetric, great skin, lean-toned personal, and professional realms. bodies, intense/memorable faces and my personal favorite a great smile.
  • Personally models are expected to let people into their personal lives with Facebook, Instagram, Snap-Chat and other social media mediums.
  • Professionally models are supposed to be assertive and driven and know exactly what they want to achieve before they know what the industry even has to offer them.

AM  Can you be a self taught model?

Rhyan, I think that question can be answered only by how you are introduced/exposed into

  • Some models have this fantasy discovery moment. Where they were spotted by a the industry. scout and whisk away to some far away metropolis. There in this big foreign world they shoot once or take great digitals and they are the right person at the right time. Landing a huge campaign where the world sees them and they’ve made it.
  • However, most grind and have great support systems (family, friends, followers, and faculties) which believe in them, furthermore; they believe in themselves, and through persistence and consistent trial and error get lucky. By the way my definition of luck is when: preparation meets an opportunity. This is majority of the models I know and they create a name for themselves and a brand that is undeniable to those people who are the gatekeepers. These are the people who open doors and break barriers, I call these people game changers.

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AM  What challenges have you run into as a model?

Rhyan, So many, I mean what model hasn’t met challenges. You know I could say a lot of cliché things however, I’d like to talk about the challenge that most people don’t want to admit which is self-doubt. As a model you get told any and everything, as to why you might not have had your big break. For me those excuses range from: too fat, too skinny, too dark, too light, too ethnic, not ethnic enough, too young, too old, too masculine, too feminine…and those weight on you after a while. Then self-doubt
creeps in the door just waiting to console your beaten morale. Yet I have had to learn that the “too ‘whatever’ excuses” are just that, excuses. These are just whatever the person decided to say to you; so not to have you leaving their office with the truth. “I’m just not interested,” or “I just don’t like you.” I mean could you imagine how many dreams would have been crushed if people would have responded to most models with the truth? So, instead they tell you some excuse. It is up to you the buckle down and face self-doubt head on and let ‘em know you aren’t quitting. I once read a quote by a religious leader that said, “Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says, I’ll try again tomorrow.’” I realized it was up to me to decide who I am, and what my talent is, not someone else.

AM  What type of modeling is your specialty?

Rhyan, I cannot answer this question because it implies that I have limitations. What I will say is, I understand that I have limits and limitations somewhere in this industry but, I have not met them yet. Furthermore, I can’t wait to meet them, because, I’ll look at that limit like it’s my new goal. Them I will declare it a goal to reach, commit to the actions required to reach that goal and then wait for the fruits of my labor which will come from expected and unexpected places.

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AM  What should a model bring with them to a photoshoot?

Rhyan, Confidence & Humility. I cannot tell you how many model always remember the make-up, proper undergarments, and attire but forget to bring what matters most: their a-game. You have to have confidence, so, you can do your best. That being said you need humility as well so that you can take direction when it is given.

AM. What do you think are the requirements for a good male model

Rhyan, Focus. They have to have a level of focus on what the goal and intention is. Entertainment is an industry that you can quickly lose sight of your goals and intentions. So, the models that are focused usually come out of it on top or at least not worse than where they started.

AM  How important is the Press/Media to a Model

Rhyan, It’s how we get paid, so I’d say it is very important. =^) the industry is changing. It used to be that if you were in a magazine or on a commercial you were a star. Commercials use to be 1-3 minutes long and magazines used to be sold by the tens of millions, now if you aren’t able to capture someone’s attention in under a minute or 30 seconds you have not done your job.

AM  What are your goals as a model?

Rhyan, I would like to get my shot at the big leagues. I have done well in the smaller markets. I mean I drive a nice car, I support my small family and I have very strong relationships with my agent, clients and other talent in those small markets. However, a shark was not meant to swim in a tank, I want my shot at the ocean.

AM  What other interests do you have?

Rhyan, I love animals, teaching and business. Therefore, I am actively seeking an opportunity that allows me with participate in the field of zoology. I teach and inspire fresh faces and aspiring models about the industry and I have held some pretty awesome titles in my young years and a business professional.

AM  What are the challenges of being a model of color and why do you think they exist? How do you deal with them?

Rhyan, There are a myriad of challenges all black models face, too many to list. For me, I choose to acknowledge those challenges but not accept them. Every shade, color and pigment is beautiful. Yet, if there was one thing I could address on this topic, it would be that blacks as a whole should quit trying to classify levels of worth and beauty on skin tone. The world sees a “light-skinned black” just as they see a “dark-skinned black,” we are Black. So, why do we say, “He/she is beautiful to be dark-skin,” or
“He/she is fine because they light-skin,” or my least favorite “If he/she wasn’t(insert color intensity) they wouldn’t be where they are today.” Let’s just accept that we are all black and that’s how the world see us. I mean when a black person receives a world renowned award or accolade, blacks as a whole cheer, not team light-skin or team dark-skin.

AM  What is the hardest thing to date that you have done in pursuing your profession?

Rhyan, Developing patience and believing in the process. Everything happens on the Lords time table, that doesn’t mean don’t put in the work. It simply means be ready when he gives you your shot.

AM  How important is ‘youth’ to the modeling industry?

Rhyan, Not important. You have models all ages in ads, what’s important is skills and honing your craft.

AM  How long do you think you will model?

Rhyan, Until I lose my passion for it.

AM  What advice do you have for men interested in becoming a male model?

Rhyan, Find something of value in something other than someone else’s opinion of you. Don’t look for validation in anyone or anything but yourself.

AM  What types of modeling jobs make you ‘cringe’?

Rhyan, Can say I have auditioned for one yet, but if I have to jump in freezing cold water and make it look comfortable and hot. That would make me go, “Yikes!” lol

AM  Have you ever turned down a modeling job? If so, why?

Rhyan, Only if there is a scheduling conflict where I won’t be able to fulfill the client’s needs, make it look comfortable and hot. That would make me go, “Yikes!” lol or I’ll stress out my agent. You learn either from your own personal experiences or others that an angry agent or client is the worst for your reputation and career. I am going to keep a good track record with that group of people =^)

AM  What misconceptions do you think there are about models?

Rhyan, That we are shallow, and only care about ourselves. Don’t get us twisted, we are focus and driven people but we all love and have feelings. The internet seems to be a free for all; where people say the vilest things without regard to the recipient’s feelings. I would caution people from believing what you post, what goes around always comes around.

AM  When it is all said and done, what mark do you wish to leave on the industry?

Rhyan, I would like to hopefully be remembered as the model who came, concurred and continued to inspire the aspirating.


Interviewed by AM,
Fashion Director – Ray Brown

on IG – rbrown006us

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