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The One & Only: Alt Model – Kym Dee

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The One and Only: Alt Model – Kym Dee


First things first I’m the realest… just kidding I think that was Iggy Z’s line.  I’m Kym Dee, a model, an actress, photographer, a mommy, a real life living cartoon character; a “Jill” of all trades that packs a personality with a punch all in compact sexy and vivacious package.  I enjoy creating art and bringing people together to collaborate brilliant ideas.  This year I have really been focusing my career focus with modeling and expanding my range by trying out the more unique and adventurous sides of the modeling world. I love beauty and simplicity… but I also love the colorful, the crazy, the weird, all things unique and creative.

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I like to push the envelope with everything I do, and my modeling is no exception. I enjoy theatrically themed and heavily custom designed sets and costumes. I like to shoot nude and implied, I like to shoot underwater as I am into scuba diving as well, I like to shoot anything and everything that is different and explores an outlet of artistic creativity. I see modeling as a chance to play in a real life painting. My absolute favorite thing to shoot right now is anything involving body painting. I love to feel like a canvas within a painting, I love that it allows you to become a chameleon instantly transforming your body or character, and I love how freeing it feels to be naked but not exactly. It is an amazing confidence booster to be in only your own skin, but comfortably hidden behind the façade that you are clothed or covered underneath a micro thin layer of paint.

Some of my major influences as photographers, and as artists I dream of working with one day, are Jellyfish Jones, Yellow Bubbles, Greg De Stefano, Steve McCurry & Kelly Eden! These photographers and models inspire me with how interactive they become with their sets, subjects, and surroundings. I love to see the models in their photography transformed with crazy make up, big elaborate custom costumes, and incredible detail to the surrounding atmosphere of what they choose to shoot.

Aside from the artistic appeal, I also really treasure the fact that modeling has an incredible impact on empowerment and creating confidence. Before I set out on this modeling adventure, you might not have recognized the woman I was before. I was quiet, and shy, and sometimes would just blend into the crowd. But now, through my modeling experiences I have learned to express myself and to love who I really am! And that wild and crazy fun and bold little lady is coming right at you loud and clear and in full Technicolor glory! I love how the alternative side of modeling focuses on creativity and not just forcing a strict beauty standard. Every size and shape is beautiful and has incredible potential! Be unique, be you, and make something beautiful!

Currently I am working on many projects, my focus has been building my portfolio, but I am really excited to be embarking on some awesome new upcoming projects! Not only will I be modeling with some incredible artists within the industry for publication, but I will also be acting in an upcoming movie sequel for “10 Violent Women”. It is a Ted V. Mikel’s movie and a TVM Global Media Link Production, wait until you see the spicy vixen I get to play in “Ten Violent Women: Part Two.” Shooting starts next week and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this project! The movie and the modeling are just the tip of the iceberg…so if you like what you see, and you can’t wait to get in on all the upcoming incredible goodies I have in store…Well I guess you will just have to follow me if you want more!






IG: @Lady_Kym_Dee

Twitter: @KymDee78


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