ARTMUZO is an online media magazine that connects you the artist to an eclectic fusion of style and art collocated in one site.

The concept of ARTMUZO Philadelphia began in 2009 first as a local Philadelphia artist blog about art and music. It would later evolve into a more complex idea of a fused media online magazine that promotes an array of artist of different genera’s and mediums.

Artmuzo is an online magazine creating a network of artists and businesses. Artists include the following: musicians, writers, producers, photographers, directors, models, actors/actresses, painters, designers, etc. All artists will be granted monthly interviews to document their experience brand their talents. Interviews, pictures, music, and videos will be posted on the artmuzo website, as well as performance locations and dates. Businesses are have options of advertising on artmuzo.com and/or making use of our advertising services.

The goal of this network is to connect the artist to prospective/current fans while exposing them to the world for better deals, ideas, and marketing.

The site would give the artist the power to promote, feature and share their experiences and talents with the world. The concept was, you become the media, the rhythm and sound, and the canvas in which ARTMUZO will blog and write about. This would be something artist who are promoting a new CD, movie, showcase, book or performance, would be excited to use, it would be the destination to write about their experiences and promote their artistry. In every great starving artist there is a message of humility, passion, love, purpose, cause, and success.

For some it is the first time they win the Grammy’s, Academy Award’s, Swarovski Award for Fashion, Pulitzer Prize for Poetry and Art, and for others it may be winning their local high school shows. Regardless of the arena the artist story is important to us! Through these unique and telling stories we would share the most inspiring story.

Our hope is that artist embrace ARTMUZO to use it as an artist vehicle to inspire a nation. As we seek out artist of all skillsets we are honored to promote the importance of creativity and artistry in order to highlight to the world that the arts are a very important part of our childhood development and should be supported and protected by our public school systems. If you are an artist whose life has been changed by the arts or you are one that just love to express yourself creatively, you have a home here at ARTMUZO.

We encourage artist of all genres from hip hop to opera, b-boys to ballet, novice artist to published authors, jazz musicians to nightclub dj’s, and graphic designer to cartoonist. We would like to invite you to join the Revelation against the decline of artistic creativity and expressionism in our public schools. JOIN US as we do our part in lifting the voices and talents of artist around the world.

“We Are Art Muzo,” — Art Muzo